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Monday, September 6, 2010


Hiya Folks!

It’s that time of year again! And by that “that time of year” I mean autumn. It is autumn. And of course autumn means that it is soccer season. So that’s that.

BUT SOMETHING ELSE THAT IS FUN IS AUDITIONING FOR SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY! That’s right, Boston University’s premiere sketch comedy troupe SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY will be holding auditions on Saturday, September 18 at Noon in the College of Arts and Sciences room 325.

You don’t need to have anything prepared for auditions, just show up with an open mind and be ready to make some peeps laugh. Also, be ready TO laugh, just in case someone funny shows up. The auditions will have a very relaxed atmosphere, and are really just a chance for us to get to know you as a comedian. We promise that you will have fun. Though if you had previously planned on renting a moon bounce that afternoon then you might want to skip auditions, because that is the only thing that could possibly be more fun.

So remember: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010. 12pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME. CAS ROOM 326. This is the only opportunity in this beautiful year of 2010 to become a part of the slow children magic, so do not miss out.

Love u and miss u,
Mr. Business DeLuxembourg

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