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Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey! I'm Razz, nice to see you again. Ya, that short girl in the group. Ok not that short, pretty average height in Asia. So. Sup Whatup? What you doing now? You look good! I like your hair today. Anyways, you busy tomorrow night? Well, cool I didn't think you would have any plans anyways. I mean look at you... So, TOMORROW at BU CENTRAL at 8:00 PM we have a show! This great, great group (pretty mediocre group) is opening for us! Pangea 3000! Come, if only to see them, then leave. Then come back and see the sketches that I'm in. I do this thing that I've never done before in my life ON STAGE. It's a big deal. You're only supposed to do it in private. In your room, on your bed. You'll get it when you come. Cause you're coming. Fox will make out with you after.
So see you tommorow night. Unless you want me to cry. Cause I'm a girl.
You know you love me

Razzle Kangaroozevelt

I hope you dance ~~***~~~
LiVe LaUgH lOvE!!!!! ****~*~*~

P.S. Please don't tell Pluto I'm a girl yet, he hasn't realized.

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